Selected research articles

B.O.W. Elenbaas, S.M. Kremsreiter, L. Khemtemourian, J.A. Killian, T. Sinnige (2023) Fibril elongation by human islet amyloid polypeptide is the main event linking aggregation to membrane damage BBA Advances 3,100083

B.O.W. Elenbaas, L. Khemtemourian, J.A. Killian, T. Sinnige (2022) Membrane-catalyzed aggregation of islet amyloid polypeptide is dominated by secondary nucleation Biochemistry 61, 1465-1472

J. Molenkamp, A. den Outer, V. van Schijndel, T. Sinnige (2021) Monitoring protein aggregation kinetics in vivo using automated inclusion counting in Caenorhabditis elegans. J. Vis. Exp. 178, e63365

T. Sinnige,  G. Meisl,  T.C.T. Michaels,  M. Vendruscolo,  T.P.J. Knowles,  R.I. Morimoto (2021) Kinetic analysis reveals reveals that independent nucleation events determine the progression of polyglutamine aggregation in C. elegans. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A 118(11) e2021888118

M.C. Hardenberg, T. Sinnige, S. Casford, S. Dada, C. Poudel, L. Robinson, M. Fuxreiter, C. Kaminski, G.S. Kaminski Schierle, E.A.A. Nollen, C.M. Dobson, M. Vendruscolo (2021) Observation of an α-synuclein liquid droplet state and its maturation into Lewy body-like assemblies. J. Mol. Cell Biol. 13(4), 282–294

R. Laine*, T. Sinnige*, K.Y. Ma, A.J. Haack, P. Gaida, N. Curry, M. Perni, E.A.A. Nollen, C.M. Dobson, M. Vendruscolo, G.S. Kaminski Schierle, C.F. Kaminski (2019) Fast fluorescence lifetime imaging reveals the aggregation processes of α-synuclein and polyglutamine in aging Caenorhabditis elegans. ACS Chemical Biology 14(7), 1628-1636. *equal contribution

T. Sinnige, P. Ciryam, S. Casford, C.M. Dobson, M. de Bono, M. Vendruscolo (2019) Expression of the amyloid-β peptide in a single pair of C. elegans sensory neurons modulates the associated behavioural response. PLoS ONE 14(5), e0217746

Selected reviews & book chapters

T. Sinnige (2022) Molecular mechanisms of amyloid formation in living systems. Chem. Sci. 13, 7080 – 7097

T. Sinnige, K. Stroobants, C.M. Dobson, M. Vendruscolo (2020) Biophysical studies of protein misfolding and aggregation in in vivo models of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 49, e22, 1-43

T. Sinnige, A. Yu, R.I. Morimoto (2020) Challenging proteostasis: Role of the chaperone network to control aggregation-prone proteins in human disease. “HSF1 and Molecular Chaperones in Biology and Cancer”, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1243, 53-68